Monday, March 15, 2010

Interviewing Tips

Collin Marshall shares some good tips on interviewing.


Chris Slaby said...

I know this is for television, but I thought it would go nicely with the "Interviewing Tips."

Gabbie Surrett said...

I think these tips are great. We all could use a little more practice when it comes to interviewing.

Anonymous said...

These are great tips. I will refer back to this when it's time to record our project. These tips will help me get to know the person I am interviewing as well as make me a better interviewing to keep that person engaged in our conversation.

Chastity Spencer
RT 311

Anonymous said...

I like these tips and I think they would be good to use them whe interviewing because I remember my past interview and boy were they intense for me...I think if I knew about these tips they wouldof been a lot easier...I think my RT teacher should discuss some of these tips in class.
Corey Harper RT311